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How to wash a leather bomber jacket

How to wash a leather bomber jacket

How to wash a brown leather bomber jacket at home by hand or machine? Whether the jacket is leather, suede, wool, polyester or velvet, learn how to clean your jacket.

Wash or clean a leather jacket

Leather does not wash! The leather is fragile, and does not support wet cleaning.

  • Never use stain removers that are too strong and may scratch leather.
  • Before using a stain remover, test it with a cotton swab on a corner not seen: a pocket or hem. And if ever the leather seems damaged by the product, abandon it to move to another
  • Clean it gently, without ever rubbing the jacket. Proceed with circular gestures, without ever overemphasizing
  • To clean the leather, use a cotton ball. An abrasive sponge could irreparably damage the leather
  • Protect the leather with an anti-stain

3 products to clean his leather jacket

Cleansing milk

  • Cleansing milk and creamy milk to clean baby are very effective in maintaining not too dirty leather.
  • How to clean a leather jacket with makeup remover
  • Pour a small amount of cleansing milk onto a cotton ball and then gently pass it, using circular movements, over the entire surface of the jacket.
  • Do not hesitate to renew the cotton as soon as it is dirty.
  • Let dry, then wipe the leather with a soft cloth or cotton.
    How to wash a leather bomber jacket

Glycerine soap

Glycerine soap is to be used to clean a dirty or stained leather bomber jacket men.

How to clean a leather jacket with glycerine soap

Pass over the entire surface of the bomber jacket leather and especially on the neckline, without ever overemphasizing, with circular movements a washcloth sponge moistened with water and added glycerine soap.

  • Twist the glove to wring it well.
  • Rinse with a glove moistened with water.
  • Sponge with a towel and allow drying.

White vinegar

  • White vinegar is for use on a very dirty leather jacket.
  • How to clean a leather jacket with vinegar
  • Spray on the entire jacket and especially on the neck a solution composed of 50% water, 50% white vinegar.
  • Leave on for about 3 minutes, and then clean the neckline with a clean damp sponge. Dry by swabbing with a glove or a towel.